DIGital CULTURal heritagE!

Constantly evolving technologies are among the drivers reshaping how we think about learning-teaching, what constitutes them and how we learn/develop the skills to work in the “World changing decade: Industry 4”. The content of education at all levels and the process of learning need to change as innovation guru C. Christensen points. The world has been changing and pupils are in danger of losing sight of importance and respect of cultural heritage and humanity, what is highlighted in the Europe 2020, 2030 Strategies and UN SDGs. So the objectives of this project are adapting education to changes, implementing and even setting them into the strategies of the schools to achieve their goals in this digital era. At the same time the cultural heritage, developing Social Emotional Intelligence (SEI) and soft skills of the pupils are preserved. Problem solving, critical thinking, decision making (Democratic Participation/DP), teamwork, being courteous and empathetic will be highlighted.

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