ETwinnerstown citizens go on participating in the positive transformation of their environment through their work with goals in Agenda 2030. This year our students will focus on the importance of water in our daily lives and on the planet. Children will be provided with resources to understand the sustainable development Goals 6 (clean water) and 14 (life below water) selected. We will use innovative learning methodologies (CLIL, flipped classroom, ICT assisted learning) and curricular integration to reach our goals. These approaches develop the child's ability to transfer their learning from a subject to others. Secondly children will prepare digital resources in order to present the topics studied to their peers (by using videos, presentations, infographics and so on) Finally, the students will create a campaign to sensitize their peers within and outside the school and promote sustainable lifestyles. This will be achieved through the realization of posters, videos, flyers...

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