Secret Dreams

An insight into teenagers’ lives, habits and concerns in 2015. How do teenagers live, what are their concerns, what do they dream of? Are teenagers from other countries the same or different?


    Project Journal

    • Step 4 (April & May) : writing articles to explain and give one's opinion on the topic
      - Posted by Yannick GUILLET, 08.04.2016

    • Step 3 (February & March) : comparing data to analyse what a habit and a stereotype are.
      - Posted by Yannick GUILLET, 13.02.2016

    • Step 2 (December & January) : collecting data on habits in each country (each group will work on a specific topic linked to teenage life), creating opinion polls and sharing data with partners
      - Posted by Yannick GUILLET, 31.10.2015

    • Step 1 (November) : getting connected: introducing oneself, getting to know each other better, asking questions
      - Posted by Yannick GUILLET, 31.10.2015