Hello 2014-2015

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    Dear Burcu YUKSEK, thank you very much! Your blog is great and your work for all the students too! Elisabeth Dovèze


    Dear All Meryy Chrıstmas and Happy new year :) Please  All  add New Year celebration message in Padlet.Thanks a lot :)

    BURCU YÜKSEK     Greetings..


    Our web cite for this project :) If you want , you can visit my city.Thanks a lot :)

    Greetings from Adana Turkey



    Hello dear friends! We are from Portugal! Thanks for invite me. 

    Hello. We ar from Georgia. We are very glad that we get to participate in your project

    Hi, dear friends! Nice to meet you here! Greetings from Romania!

    Hello ! from Turkey.I hope very nıce this project and we are very workıng for chıldren.Best wishes!

    Hello from France! Thank you for all the children! 

    Hello dear friends! we are from Georgia, Surami! We are glad that we get to participate in your project.

    Hello dear friends! We are from Lithuania Kulautuva! Thanks for invite us. Best wishes

    Hello from Estonia!

    Hello and Happy New Year from ROMANIA! We wish you a successful and peaceful year!

    Hello!! We are from Ukraine, Kharkov!!! Thanks for this amazing project!! I 'll try to finish our calendar soon!!