• We will choose, watch and, then, comment on different anti-bullying videos.


    Each team has chosen one video to watch and study.

    The videos are dealing with the different types of bullying.


    The German team has commented the videos , just below. But the other teams have commented on the forum or directly on the pages of the videos.


    Our comments on the French team's video:

    Words hurt, they can hurt as much as physical violence.

    The video is very professional. It visualizes how the bullied person feels.

                                 The German Team


    Our comments on the Turkish team's video:

    Physical bullying is the worst type of bullying.

    Anybody could be a victim.

    Violence is a sign of weakness.

    Fortunately older students at our school don't bully younger ones.

                                 The German Team


    Our comments on the Spanish team's video:

    We were surprised by the high number of suicides and suicide attempts.

    We could feel with the victims. Nobody deserves to be treated like that.

    Cyberbullying makes it easy for the bully to hide.

    It's easier to bully someone if you don't have to look into their eyes, and it's more difficult for the victims to defend themselves.

                                  The German Team


    Our comments on the Italian team's video:

    Right, we shouldn't give bullies a chance and stand together instead of suffering alone.

    We are not sure if it is that easy to become friends with former bullies.

    And, last but not least, we are happy that there aren't such severe problems at our school.

                                   The German Team