Plastic? No, thanks!

Along this school year and with this project students will share their written and oral productions through hand written letters ( if possible) or emails or any other kind of written and oral interactions by the use of the ITCs. They students will send letters or written products in November-December 2020 (Christmas), in February and in May 2020( end of school year) They will be concious of being tolerant and respectul with others ┬┤customs and way of thinking. They will use the English Language as vehicle to communicate among different countries. They will be aware also of those SDGs( Sustainable Development Goals) related to some of our objectives such as gender equality or right of equal education among others. And above all of them number 13 (Climate Action) as is it so closely related to our Erasmus + Project :KA229 "Plastic? No, thanks! Plastic in our everyday life"

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