Climate Change Agents

The primary aim of the “Climate Change Agents” project is the integration of Climate Change Learning into the partner schools’ curricula, as part of our shared long-term vision of a whole school approach towards promoting social inclusion and combating Early School Leaving. eTwinning will be an essential part of our project to securely host, support and share all our Erasmus + KA229 “Climate Change Agents” project work. This project is a key strategic step in our continued interconnected work on a previous eTwinning project. The project fits in with the European Commission’s priorities for 2019-2024 of a transition to a healthy planet and a new digital world (“European Green Deal” and a “Europe fit for the digital age”). The project will involve primarily pupils aged 11-16 and teachers, but we hope to indirectly impact as many members of each school community as possible. Collaboration will be key to the creation of all our outputs and results.

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