Heroes and heroines of language

The digital age requires multi-media consumption, instant messaging, it comprises the application of tools, social networking on a global scale. The Internet exposes language learners to a flood of linguistic incentives. Yet virtual communication and multi-media consumption can be fleeting and distracting. Despite the current hype about digitalization and distance learning, this project particularly focusses on the reinvention of book reading as a catalyst for deeper understanding and as a powerful basis for the development of all four language skills. We will adopt a holistic, i. e. plural complementary approach to languages so that the language of schooling, the language spoken at home and the foreign languages are all considered as being conducive and beneficial to plurilingualism. Pupils are encouraged to explore various types of books and are enabled to express their reading experience by means of diverse multi-media channels, using visual and audio presentations (podcasts), flexing their creative muscle to design book covers, make card games, do karaoke readings and bookslams. Reviving a reading habit among pupils is meant to spark off an intercultural dialogue between all participants about their reading experience and their perception of language as a powerful communicative tool addressing all human needs.

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