ENERO 2016. ¿qué hiciste en Navidad? What are your New Year´s Resolutions?

  • Actividad 1 Enero 2016/Activity 1 January 2016


    ¡Hola a todos! / Hello everyone!

    Madrid students have left a comment in your profile regarding what they did during their Christmas holidays and what their New Year’s Resolutions are. Now it is our time to get back to them! You must reply to the student or students who have contacted you (the ones who were in your description group). Log in your etwinning account, go to your profile and read the comments, then reply to  them in their profiles ( go to the members section) and write the following in their profiles:

    Parte 1: ¿dónde fuiste de vacaciones en Navidades y/o qué hiciste?

    1. In Spanish. Tell your amigo-amiga where did you go and what did you do at Christmas?

    Parte 2: What are your New Years´ Resolutions?

    1. In English. Tell your friend about your NYR, why them? Are they easy/difficult ones?

    In groups. When you finish, divide yourselves in groups and summarise the most common activities at Christmas in Spanish and the most common NYR in English.