Code of Conduct eTwinning and e-Safety

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    eTwinning is the largest network for schools in Europe. It’s your community – every member makes eTwinning what it is. Here are a few ground rules to keep eTwinning safe and fun for everyone.

    eTwinning is a platform that helps you hone your skills, expand your professional network, and improve the skills of your students. For this reason, eTwinning‘s spirit is based on mutual understanding and respect. Events, messages, posts and everything published on eTwinning must adhere to the following general principles:

    • Be inclusive. Everyone’s opinions and views are always welcomed and allowed.
    • Do not offend other eTwinners as individuals.
    • Do not attack or incite violence against people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or gender, and/or as a member of a country, group or minority.

    We do our utmost to protect people from abuse and spam in eTwinning, but as an active and pluralistic community, we count on you to help us maintain the positive attitude and reduce unwelcome incidents.

    Users who do not comply with this Code of Conduct will be warned and, in some cases, banned from the platform.

    Therefore, we encourage you to report when necessary.

    If you encounter posts, events or comments in Journals and Forums, receive a private message, or see content that is offensive, infringes upon copyright, or you find inappropriate, you can use the “report” button and share your reasons for reporting. Your message will be handled by the Support Services

    Netiquette, e-safety and copyright are a key part of the project Modeling Life.

    1. At the beginning of the project, teachers discuss netiquette, e-safety and copyright.
    2. Students are informed about internet ethics and e-safety issues.
    3. Teachers take student parents permission.
    4. Teachers confirm the applicable laws and receive an appropriate certificate.