• Let's get to know each other!

    The project's partners are:

    1st class from School in KoĊ„skie, Poland

    1st grade "Musical class" - "George Moroianu" Highschool Sacele, Romania


    Primary School no 17 In Koszalin

    4th grade students from TURKEY

    Hello from Lithuania,

    We are 38 Pre-school children from Kedainiai school - kindergarten "Childhood".

    We are 6 years old. 


    Here is our school.

    This is our Christmas tree. It grows in the school yard.

    We look forward when we will be able to decorate it and sing Christmas songs together with you. Best wishes children and teachers from Lithuania.

    Hello, from Greece!

    Children from FRANCE

    Students from SPAIN


    Hello from Ukraine. We are the 1st class from Stari Kuty.