Our Sustainable Steps

One of the project’s targets is learning environments and even more, we intend to make a difference in our everyday life. We are going to deal and experience different aspects of sustainable living: WASTE TREATMENT & SUSTAINABLE FOOD, TRANSPORT & ENERGY; RECYCLING CLOTHING & HOUSEHOLD; MAINTAINING NATURAL DIVERSITY. Every month, each school going to accept a climate challenge, reflecting our steps in a joint video blog. There will be related activities at schools, e.g workshops, voluntary work and exhibitions. Exploring the present situation of the participating countries, we will compose presentations and e-Surveys of the ecological behavior of the schools' target groups. We will make some essential changes at schools and communities, because if we do small things locally, they have a big impact nationally, and even bigger impact globally. Thus, the project is meant to be only an opening action for every participant on our way to reducing our ecological footprints in our life from now on.

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