The project SEE ME - I DON'T SEE YOU, YOU SEE ME assumes that students of all ages will send wishes for blind and partially sighted people on the occasion of their holiday, which is celebrated on October 15, International Day of the White Cane. Preparation of wishes will be preceded by classes on the functioning of people with visual impairments on the basis of materials posted by teachers and pupils of the Louis Braille Center for Blind and Dim-sighted Children and Youth in Bydgoszcz (e.g. a letter from a blind boy, point letter, history of a white cane, links to films and presentations) or according to an original idea. Students will send wishes in the form of videos, cards, letters, collages or any other form. Pupils with visual impairments will answer questions about their learning methods, interests, passions and everyday life during a chat or online meeting. Schools that send a report on their activities will receive a certificate of School / Center Friendly to Blind People. The project is part of the social campaign I DON'T SEE YOU, YOU SEE ME, which was covered by the honorary patronage of the Polish Minister of National Education

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