Covid time?New learning opportunities


This project is about Covid and how to stop it.Students will learn about it, the rules we have to follow everywhere, the routine we have to follow at school in order to be safe.The project has a playful and digital approach; students will play online and they will create new games and online activities..Games are a powerful learning tool. Playing games in the classroom is a fun,motivating and a challenging way to learn.They encourage and promote active citizenship,cooperation,inclusion,interaction,motivation to learn, creativity and critical thinking Our project aims at improving our students’ competences.Activities will be student-centered and the teachers will only act as a facilitators.This approach will be used to increase our students’ attention span, to improve their analytic, decision making and problem solving skills. Teachers will follow World Health Organization(WHO) and it advice. Teachers involved in the project will learn about various digital tools and resources to use.

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