13. Evaluation poll for students

  • You can choose the one level that has improved the most.

  • My level of compentence has improved in:
    Communication competencies - I can express myself better both in my mother tongue and in foreign languages
    10 votes (45.45%)
    Learning competence - I actively participated in the learning environment individually and in a group and I can find the necessary information; use what has been learned in different situations and to solve problems;
    4 votes (18.18%)
    Social competence - I can act respecting the rules of different environments; collaborate with other people; teamwork developed my collaboration skills
    2 votes (9.09%)
    Mathematics, science and technology competence - I use logic to make origami, I use new technologies. -
    2 votes (9.09%)
    Entrepreneurial competence - I can create and implement ideas
    0 votes (0%)
    Digital competence - I can use digital technologies more, find information through digital means, participate in the creation of digital content, including the creation and use of texts, images, multimedia; use appropriate digital tools, cooperate in different digital environments; I am aware of the dangers of the digital environment and protect my privacy, personal data
    4 votes (18.18%)