Ecomates: Little Detectives

Nowadays, humanity faces an environmental emergency. Climate change is unequivocal and day-by-day humans can observe visual impacts as evidence. Our project will focus on the identification of climate change, promoting environmental protection through action. We aim to become increasingly aware of the environmental issues through STEAM activities, while sealing the reconnecting with nature.To maintain the ecosystem balance, we will try to imbue students with a sense of responsibility, as it is already too late for prevention and early intervention. The 17 goals of sustainable development will become our environmental principles, which will guide students to alter the intensification of this ecological disturbance. Students will learn to anticipate and adapt to the new conditions, while cultivating their resilience and perseverance to build a sustainable future. This is a climate save moment! This project is based on the Erasmus+ KA229 strategic partnership entitled "Ecomates".

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