eSafety Policy

    • Students should be informed about their Twinspace accounts and how important is to keep their passwords secret.
    • Students' faces should be unrecognizable/covered in photos or videos used for our project's activities unless there is a written permission of students parents.
    • Attention should be paid to copyright of images and music used in our project's activities.
    • Real names and surnames of students should not be used for their Twinspace accounts.
    • Students should use an avatar image that they have created for their Twinspace profile picture.
    • All project members (teachers and students) must be kind, respectful and use appropriate language on Twinspace.
    • A consent of parents is recommended if the pupils work in the area of Twinspace.
    • Parents would be informed about the work in eTwinning.
    • Visitors accounts should be created, so parents can see some of the activities organised with their children, in case there are parents who feel reluctant to allow the online work in the TwinSpace.


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