Project Description

  • "In the spotlight" at a glance

    "In the spotlight” is a STREAM project with integrated cultural activities. The project is designed as a blended learning program and implemented both in the physical and/or online classroom. It engages 10-year-old students from Spain, Greece and Poland in cross-curricular project work on a variety of topics of their choice. After a series of ice-breaking activities that put the students in the spotlight, STREAM activities put the spotlight on the partner schools' syllabi.

    Countries, subjects, topics but, above all, the project students themselves get in the spotlight, that is "a projected spot of light used to illuminate brilliantly a person, object, or group on a stage". The project title implies that students and their project work become the center of attention.

    The project consists of 11 activities, 6 of which are core STREAM activities involving Science, Technology, Reading-EFL, Engineering, Art, & Maths, and 5 are peripheral ice-breaking ones designed to boost communication and foster digital citizenship. The students are invited to research, suggest, tackle problem-solving tasks, use the Forums and other communication tools to work synchronously or asynchronously in order to create collaborative final products. Communication, collaboration, creativity, assessment & evaluation are the cornerstones of the project.

    The project covers topics such as endangered animals, sights, currency, inventions/patents, cultural topics (cuisine, food proverbs architecture), fauna and flora. Environmental issues such as endangered animals, plastic bags and littering, recycling are also addressed. In the Forum, project students discuss more topics of their choice such as vehicles, computer games, rooms & daily routines, space and famous people from the partner countries. 

    The project aims at developing the following Key competences for lifelong learning” (Official Journal of the European Union, 2018):

    Competences in Science, i.e.the ability to explain the natural world and an understanding of the changes caused by human activity, 

    Competence in Technology, namely essential knowledge of technological products and processes, the ability to understand the impact of technology on everyday life.

    Competence in Engineering, namely the application of knowledge and methodology in response to perceived human wants or needs, the ability to use and handle technological tools as well as data to achieve a goal.

    Multilingual and digital competences are aimed at in all the activities of the project. Multilingual competence defines the ability to use different languages appropriately and effectively for communication to understand, express and interpret concepts, thoughts, feelings, facts and opinions in both oral and written form (listening, speaking, reading and writing).

    Digital competence involves the confident, critical and responsible use of, and engagement with, digital technologies for learning. It includes information and data literacy, communication and collaboration, media literacy, digital content creation (including programming), safety, intellectual property-related questions, problem-solving and critical thinking.

    The project objectives are:

    To speak and write in the FL

    To be able to interact in the FL

    To be creative with technology, engineering & digital media

    To get to know each other and the partner countries in-depth

    To communicate synchronously and asynchronously

    To cooperate in transnational groups

    To be creative

    To participate in hands-on activities


    Contents of the TwinSpace

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    Project Activities

    🎈 TwinSpace Rules in the spotlight


    🎈 Let's get to know each other


    🎈 Project Logo


    🎈 Online meetings

    Science - Endangered animals in the spotlight

    Technology & History - Inventions in the spotlight

    Reading (EFL) - Lenten & Easter dishes in the spotlight

    Engineering, Science, ICT: Plants and bugs in the spotlight

    Art - Moviemaking: Our project in the spotlight

    Maths: Christmas shopping in the spotlight


    🎈 Communication, TwinSpace buddy & parents

    🎈 Collaboration

    🎈 Assessment

    🎈 Evaluation

    🎈 Use of Technology

    🎈 Sharing our work with the world


    * Whenever the word "partners" is used, it means "international partners"