The Europe of Myth and Legend

This project is focused on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the development of literacy, using myths and legends as the core curricular content. Partnering mother-tongue English students and teachers with those for whom English is not a first language will develop skills in language learning and multilingualism while S...

Project Journal

  • Pitsi has returned home!!!


    - Posted by John Weir, 22.12.2016

  • Fionn and the Giant's Causeway (as reimagined by Ms McEvoy's 5th Class, SMPPS)

    - Posted by John Weir, 21.12.2016

  • Spanish meeting

    - Posted by Luciana Soldo, 28.02.2016

  • Christmas backstage: Merry Christmas from pupils I.C. Rocco Montano

    - Posted by Luciana Soldo, 20.01.2016

  • Christmas videoconference between Italy and Ireland

    - Posted by Luciana Soldo, 20.01.2016