School Hero Life project aims


    The project My hero school life is a result of Erasmus+ cooperation I am my life hero. We noticed a lot of students engagement in the activities which appeal to their interests.
    Hero value do not have specific nationality. They are common to everyone and can be a great base for Life Long Learing.

    We'd like to create an international big classroom for sharing our ideas.The subject we have chosen concern school life. Students are to work over one idea a month. We'd like our peerlearning to be presented with modern tools which our school met during the breaktime and online education.


    We'd like to offer activities which develop various learning styles and show everyone how the cooperation is valuable and important in life.  Our students are creative  and know the value of gaining the knowledge.Active cooperation and undertaking tasks in our cross border cooperation will let all be inspired and and develope better means of education.
    Due to the project work students are to improve ICT and English skills in the authentic context. Most of the project outcome will be done by means of ICT tools to make it disseminated for schools' communities.