COOL - Collaboration Online with Outstanding Learning

The aim of the project is to improve the students ‘skills in what the English language is concerned. This exchange project will enable students to develop the speaking, writing and social skills in a real context using technologies and tools such as Web 2.0 and Minecraft. The teachers will also create new evaluation methodologies in order to impro...


We believe it is important to mention some constraint of the project, because we had to do extra-hour with students and make a big effort to have results.

Some limitations:

- Time in ICT classes, only 50 minuts per week with 28 students in the classroom; 

- Impossibilty to install Minecraft in all computers;

- Lack of English of the students. Need more time to prepare activities;

- Very different timetable for teachers.


Author: Miguela Fernandes
Last editor: Miguela Fernandes