Project Outline - Calendar of activities

  • September

    Maths about me - students write sentences about themselves that contain numbers. They create PowerPoint Presentations with the slides to show how math is included in their everyday lives. Partners (international pairs) are to create Venn Diagram visual presentations of the qualities they have in common (share) and what makes them individual.


    Project motto: students suggest a quote or their own idea to be the motto of the project. The tool to be used - Each student posts his/her idea and then the others comment and vote for the suggestion they like best. At the end of the month, the winner is announced and the project motto chosen.

    Project logo: students design a logo for the project. Students can use any ICT tool. Each student posts his/her logo and then the others comment and vote for the logo they like best. At the end of the month, the winner is announced and the project logo chosen.


    A working life: the internet survey to make a list of well paid jobs that require the knowledge of English and mathematics. Google PowerPoint presentation: students working in national teams post their findings

    Live event/chat to discuss the survey results.




    You should improve maths and English skills. - students write an argumentative essay based on the internet research of the essential skills. All the essays are collected in the emagazine Essential Skills for the 21st century.


    January / February


    When am I ever going to use math?: working in national teams, students compete in finding the examples of the use of maths in everyday life. All examples must be accompanied by real life videos of photos.  Discussion in Forum follows. 


    March / April


    Emagazine: The students are divided into seven multinational groups. Each group has a teacher mentor and different tasks. All the final outcomes are to be collected into an emagazine.