Eat Smart Save your Land


Eat Smart Save Your Land is a KA229 Erasmus+ project where partners from Greece, Turkey, Austria, Serbia, Italy and France recognizing that: a)If we want to feed a future population a healthy diet within planetary boundaries we have to transform eating habits, improve food production and reduce food waste, b)Schools are ideal settings for supporting the European Green Deal as these are responsible of young people’s education and their ability to act as responsible citizens who fully participate in civic and social life, but there is big differences in the way they interpret and deal with “green growth” (sustainability and nutrition education), come together to help students be equipped with the necessary food "literacy" (how & where food is grown and produced, what ingredients/substances it is made of, how it’s transferred, if it’s safe & healthy, etc) so to be able to link the compulsory topic of nutrition with sustainability and counteract climate change.

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