Traditional food around Mediterranean sea

We all have in common the Mediterranean sea. The seas and oceans have always brought people together. We have a rich history and old traditions. Partner creates good preconditions to learn from each other. We want to discover Mediterraneum with our feelings-with eyes, ears, hands and heart. We want to: improve language skills in English; learn tog...

Project Journal

  • Dear friends,
    I'm so happy that Italian team had this good news: we won etwinning National prize!
    I want to say thank you to all of you as fantastic partners and hard worker.
    I know that good result means a great team, so that I want to share with you this honour!

    - Posted by Maria Angela Zanetti, 22.10.2016

  • Hello friends,
    I've charged -materials/imagesour recipes in pittograms. Hope you like them.Bye bye from Italian team

    Bosnian cookies.jpg

    - Posted by Barbara Cazzola, 07.07.2016

  • Dear friends,
    after the discussion of my valuation year, I've put in order /settled my eTwinning Traditional food around Mediterranean sea photos, so now I can charged in materials/photos 4 photos of our Final Live event of 1.6.16 11:00 12:30 (CET) I did with my mobile. Turan, I hope you like them: they are not of super quality but they show the happiness and, the enthusiasm of that meeting! I wish to all- Angela Jasmina, Valentina Benjamin and Turan, super summer days! Barbara

    FINAL LIVE EVENT 1.6.16 (2).jpg

    FINAL LIVE EVENT 1.6.16 (4).jpg

    - Posted by Barbara Cazzola, 28.06.2016

  • Third of June: primary school in Porto Garibaldi, Italy. Etwinning day: we present our project to local community.


    - Posted by Maria Angela Zanetti, 04.06.2016

  • Dear friends from Turkey, thank you to Live Event!
    We had problem with internet connection, but we were able to meet each others using Skype.
    Pupils from Italy had fun playing with language: we spoke English, Italian and Turkish.
    Wonderful experience!

    - Posted by Maria Angela Zanetti, 02.06.2016