Unlimited Green Infinite Blue (Primary School)


Today, we are faced with a problem that concerns all living things in the world:Global warming. One of the most important consequences of global warming is climate change and the negative changes it brings. These negative changes have effects that may lead us to leave a colorless world to future generations. It is in our hands to create a more livable world with unlimited greenery and endless blues. For this, the most important thing we need to do is to raise the awareness of the next generations and increase their sensitivity. Our project aims to make students realize the negative effects of climate change and create solutions. The glaciers are melting, our water resources are running out, the greens are drying out, the drought is increasing, the animals' generations are running out, and our planet continues to call for help. What should we do for an unlimited green and infinite blue world? In this project, we will find the answers to these questions with the activities

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