V-EAR Project-MAKER FAIRE 2020

  • This page has been created by teachers Manuela Musumeci and Lucia Colore



    Maker Faire is the biggest showcase of innovation and creativity in the world. It is the place where, every year, inventors of all ages come together to show what they are doing and what they are learning in the secret hope of having their prototypes validated. One of the main goals is raising public awareness of digital culture, which is achieved by sharing ideas between companies, institutions, schools, universities, research centers, and citizens.

    It was created in 2006 in San Francisco as a project of the “Make: magazine” and came to Rome placing the city at the center of the innovation debate.

    Therefore, Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition, becomes the largest edition outside the United States.



    This year we have come out with a device called V-EAR!!!! 

    READ the description ... WATCH the video ... and LET US KNOW ...


    HERE IS V-EAR !!! 


    V-EAR is a wearable aid device designed for people with hearing disabilities. It may look like a simple hat or a pair of cool glasses but it contains a technology that can make people having troubles in taking part in a debate feel at ease. It allows the translation of words and sentences in a text that can be seen on special displays. You simply need to install the application on your smartphone and connect it via bluethoot to your device. When someone talks to us, by a simple touch on our device, his/her phrases will be sent from our smartphone to the device and the words of the person we are talking to will scroll on the display.



    Mrs Aranzazu and Sofia joined us at our virtual stand
    Learning about V-EAR

    Students of ITET have shown the features of V-EAR to our Spanish friends and some other teachers

    Mrs Aranzazu and Sofia gave us useful advice to improve our device!!!