Our European Day of languages Book


The idea is to create a book using Book Creator to show the variety and beauty of different languages. The students will develop their critical thinking skills looking for information on the Web, they will develop their creativity and linguistic skills as well. Each partner team will prepare 2 pages including an article to present the country, city and school; a video to present the team. An article about some less known facts about the country, a video of a song or poem in the native language. The articles will be in the original language and will have an English summary on the second page. The final activity will be an escape room quiz which the students will create together so that everybody can have fun and check their knowledge. We will start the project at the beginning of September and complete it on 24th so that we can publish the book on 26th. The teachers can share ideas and work on the project prior to this date. I am looking for a teacher cofounder as well.

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