My Water of Life


Water that triggered the life in the world is rapidly polluting due to consumption habits in the modern world. Nowadays, while the consumption of water is increasing, accessing clean waters for individuals is becoming harder. However accessing clean water is should be a part of human rights, but millions of people cannot reach potable water, potable water in the world is 3% of all water in the world, and therefore dying. (Kılıç and Karataş: 2018). Global warming and climate change are dragging the world to an uncertain future, threatening even water-rich countries. For this reason, water literacy is extremely important for conservation and saving of water, which is a vital resource for life. With this project, students will learn by observing the behavior of water in their daily lives, by experiencing how it gets dirty and how it should be protected. The spread of water literacy among students (Dinç, 2018) will contribute significantly to the protection of the ecological system.

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