Our school festivities

The aim of the project is to investigate and learn about cultural events at school. The tradition and school ceremonies represent an important aspect of educational system. Each school has its own unique holidays and customs which identify them. By exchanging the information children would know better other cultures, accept them and respect the di...


Project Journal

  • There is an Event in our school on 21 of March( the first day of the spring). The children are wearing funny clothes and have games during the lesson. It's so much fun at this day in school.
    - Posted by Alicja Jarzycka, 01.04.2016

  • - Posted by Alicja Jarzycka, 01.04.2016

  • Our Chistmas Carol singging.


    - Posted by Alicja Jarzycka, 15.01.2016

  • Happy New Year 2016

    happy new year.jpg

    - Posted by Alicja Jarzycka, 31.12.2015

  • Christmas inspiration. Decor for Christmas party.

    Елхички -Павел.JPG

    Снежковците - Жан.JPG


    - Posted by Stela Nikolova, 15.12.2015