Experiments in the lab are great fun!

This is a scientific project , interdisciplinary, whose main aim is to make students learn sciences in an experiential way. Through funny and interesting activities students will get knowledge and achieve the goals of learning. Students and teachers meet at the lab, make experiments, find riddles , make quizzes, answer, comment to partners’ materia...

Project Journal

  • Yes, we did!


    - Posted by martine mathis, 13.01.2017

  • Amd the European Quality Label! So happy !

    Νέο Παρουσίαση του Microsoft Office PowerPoint.jpg

    - Posted by Eleni Kostopoulou, 17.12.2016

  • Our project has just been awarded with the Quality Label on national level. Congrats to all , students and teachers.
    - Posted by Eleni Kostopoulou, 04.09.2016

  • I have uploaded our live meeting today. It was a meeting to plan our common lesson on how to make soap at school.Enjoy it!
    Also, today at school, the last day of the school exams I asked my students to log in twinspace and write their impressions on the project. The headmaster, the debuty and a parent have invited as "pupils" to write their opinion on the etwinning impact to their environment.
    - Posted by Eleni Kostopoulou, 17.06.2016

  • So this is the end. Today I am seeing my students for the last time. They will give their impressions on the last page of the project. We really had a good time and I hope our collaboration will continue, even if it takes another form. Good-bye from France. Al the best for your exam period!
    - Posted by martine mathis, 31.05.2016