The Journey

  • On the 30th November we met to young boys, refugees in our town.Their names are Antonhy from Nigeria and Sakhu from Burkina Faso. They told us the story of their terrible journey and we want to share a part of it with you all.Anthony had to escape from his country after his parents were murdered. In Nigeria there are 250 ethinc groups and his father was a very important person destined to be crowned, but actually he was not allowed to govern and killed. Sakhu, from Burkina Faso had to escape for the fight amongst different factions. He was very young and an uncle of his, from his mother's side helped him to leave the country.He crossed the desert in a truck with 75 people and whenever a riot burst out, people were thrown down and left there.



    The students of Liceo Novello met Sekou from Senegal who told them his story.

    Now watch the videos and share your ideas in the tricider. What would you personally do to help these people,while Europe is building up barriers, revising the Shengen Treaty,reinforcing frontiers (see the report from Norway where borders controls were reinforced on 26 Nov.2015)



    In the photo the students from Lithuania are watching the video. After they had a discussion about it.