Use and Abuse of Social Networks and its Impact on Teenagers, Families and School

The misuse of Internet social networking by pupils is influencing our educational environment and creating behaviour and organisational problems to the three partner schools. This project aims to establish a cooperation between schools, families and the environment that surrounds the schools, to solve the problems and provide the agents with posit...

Project Journal

  • June 2017: New website created for the project. Both our blog( and our site ( display our development of the project and will be updated with our sustainability activities.
    - Posted by Ane Sotres, 06.09.2017

  • June 2017: We created a really useful HANDBOOK with information on how to be safe on the Digital world.


    - Posted by Ane Sotres, 06.09.2017

  • May 2017: Assessment questionnaires were created for families, teachers and students. Results were very positive.
    Although students thought they were knowledgeable on the issue, they realized they need to be more aware of the problems and how to avoid them.
    Teachers and families want to keep on working on the issue since they have discovered a completely new topic they didn't know much about.
    - Posted by Ane Sotres, 06.09.2017

  • April 2017: Last trip of the project. Destiny: Acquapendente (Lazio), Italy. We met teachers and families. Visited surroundings, VETRYA company (top of the top in Digital DEvelopment) and worked on Cyberbullying.



    - Posted by Ane Sotres, 06.09.2017

  • February 2017: The final design for our Tshirts and the Italian logo.

    Motto Leonado Da Vinci ITA.jpg

    Tshirt vertical.png


    - Posted by Ane Sotres, 18.02.2017