Use and Abuse of Social Networks and its Impact on Teenagers, Families and School

The misuse of Internet social networking by pupils is influencing our educational environment and creating behaviour and organisational problems to the three partner schools. This project aims to establish a cooperation between schools, families and the environment that surrounds the schools, to solve the problems and provide the agents with posit...

Project Journal

  • May and June 2018: Teachers will reinforce concepts and habits for a safe online use. Units have been prepared for tutors to work with.
    Our project stops here for the year. We'll see you in September. Have a nice summer!!
    - Posted by Ane Sotres, 03.05.2018

  • April 2018: We are visiting our friends at Essex High School, Vermont in October. They have been following our project and spreading it abroad. We'll share ideas and compare the use that our teenagers in Europe and in the States have of the online world. Really looking forward to it.


    - Posted by Ane Sotres, 03.05.2018

  • March 2018: Eso4 students at IES Isaac Albéniz became Cibermentors for primary pupils at 4 Primary schools in Leganés. They prepared talks in English and Spanish about Net safety, Social Networks, Cyberbullying, Grooming or Sexting. Both teachers and students were thrilled with the experience. Thank you for hosting us!! We'll see you again next year.



    - Posted by Ane Sotres, 03.05.2018

  • February 2018: Talks to our teachers and students and E-Safety Day celebration.

    Charla profes2.jpg


    - Posted by Ane Sotres, 21.04.2018

  • January 2018: Great news!!! We have been awarded with the 1st National Prize by the Agency Española of Data Protection for our project. Yupiiiii!
    - Posted by Ane Sotres, 21.04.2018