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  • 6 schools are involved in this project:


    Villefontaine, France, 

    Bourgoin Jallieu, France, 

    Frascati, Italy, 

    Madeira, Portugal, 

    Antalya, Turkey,

    Belgrade, Serbia.


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    Vocational High School Gambetta - France

    High vocational school Gambetta is situated in a small city (about 30000 inhabitants) near Lyon, in the South-East in France.
    Vocational courses are provided in the field of Social care, Business, Commerce and Retail.
    540 students study and 70 teachers work at Lycée Gambetta.
    Our school is really involved in international projects. Its is the first vocational high school of our region who managed internship abroad.
    We get the label EUROSCOL.

    The Maffeo Pantaleoni Institute - Italy

    Villa Innocenti was a previous convent, with a green park all around. The school was founded in 1962.

    It has got 40 classes on four levels for a total of about 900 students and over 140 teachers.

    Villa Cavaletti is the school with a separate, prestigious historical building, known in the area as the seminary which former Pope Benedict had led. This is equipped with modern kitchen, hospitality and waiting staff areas.

    Vocational high school of Tourism in Belgrade

    Vocational High School of Tourism is situated in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade .It specializes in Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy. It has become one of the most popular schools in Belgrade. More than 700 students 15 - 18, are taught by 100 teachers at this school. The subjects are distinguished into general education subjects (Languages, Maths, Physics ,and History, Philosophy, etc.), with a range of theoretical vocational subjects: Hotel and agency management, Entrepreneurship, Restaurant management, Hygiene etc. The students have the opportunities to enter Tertiary Higher and University Education studies.

    The Sections of Specialties we have in that grade are the following:
    1. Tourism –hospitality qualification (4years)
    2. Hospitality (4 years) or Waiter (3 years)
    3. Gastronomy (4 years) or Cook 3 years)
    4. Fifth degree vocational training diploma.

    Escola da APEL - Funchal/Madeira - Portugal

    The Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM) is an international tourist pole that is
    sought for its specific environmental, landscape and climatic characteristics.
    The APEL School is a non-profit collective person, of recognized public utility,
    with pedagogical parallelism, accreditation and covered by the patronage law.
    Educational and Training Offer: Regular secondary education and professional
    and technological training. In 2013, it started implementing the International
    Baccalaureate educational system, to become one of the many internationally
    recognized IB World Schools.

    Şule Muzaffer Büyük Vocational and Technical High School – Turkey

    The school is a vocational high school that is situated in the southern part of Turkey in the city of Antalya. The city is a highly touristic place with a lot of historic and natural attractions. The school offers 5 fields of vocational studies which are: Food and Beverage Services, Information Technology, Child Development and Education, Graphic Design and Photography, Hair Care and Beauty. More than 700 students get ready to work in the industry and a total of 64 teachers work in the school.