Let's Make Our Own Busines (LMOOB)


This eTwinning project will be implemented along with an Erasmus+ project application with the same title. Based on different researches among students and teachers, we have realized that some of the key factors of prosperity and well – being of all members of society are innovation, creativity, productivity and business sophistication. As partners we would like to improve studentsʹ enterpreneurial skills and creative and critical thinking by making them use ICT and language skills very effectively. We are going to use the eTwinning platform as the main base for our Project ̍Letʹs Make Our Own Business ̍ (LMOOB). We will create 2 modules for each LTTA and also 5 different international groups and 5 different pages for 5 different international companies. Students will share their final products in TwinSpace. We will present our project on eTwinning and also set our TwinSpace where all partners will publish and share materials and documents in connection with the project and the different outcomes as well as all the links to various sites. Teachers will upload and show the outcomes and activities of the project and use them in school environment through TwinSpace of the project.

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