SOS Planet. Robotics project

Europe’s horizon 2020 and EU growth strategies for the future period establish 5 main priorities concerning education, being EU’s sustainable economic growth the ultimate objective. Therefore, the rationale of this project aims to achieve these objectives by developing formal and informal learning strategies.

Project Journal

  • SOS Planet Peer to peer learning is the new eTwinning project among project partners. The main aim of this project is to use knowledge and experiences of our "project" students and share them to their classmates.

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    - Posted by Jana Sudzinová, 04.06.2017

  • PAY ATTENTION! It is time for new weekly questions! FORUM - WEEKLY QUESTIONS - MAY (2016/2017)

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    - Posted by Jana Sudzinová, 11.05.2017

  • New weekly questions are ready. FORUM - WEEKLY QUESTIONS - APRIL (2016/2017)!

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    - Posted by Jana Sudzinová, 11.04.2017

  • New weekly questions for FEBRUARY and MARCH are ready. Go to FORUM, find WEEKLY QUESTIONS - FEBRUARY, MARCH and answer to four tasks.

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    - Posted by Jana Sudzinová, 12.03.2017

  • The March - week 1 weekly question is ready for you :) This time something about geography !
    Go to the forum, read and write an answer!


    - Posted by Katarzyna Ratkowska, 02.03.2017