Different paths but common democratic values?

Democracy in Europe these days is on a big trial. The aim of the project ‘Different paths but common democratic values?’ is to investigate the degree of democracy in partner countries with regard to contemporary events in Europe, immigration crisis, human rights, status of women, environmental awareness or the right to education. European Partner s...

Project Journal

  • COMET award for the best etwinning project in 2015./2016.

    award ceremony.jpg

    - Posted by Jasna Šojer, 03.01.2017

  • Third Quality Label for the project got Croatia and maximum points 30/30. Congratulations to all participants.


    - Posted by Jasna Šojer, 26.09.2016

  • Greece got the Quality Label

    etw_qualitylabel_81729_en-page-001 (2).jpg

    etw_pupilcertificate_81729_en-page-001 (2).jpg

    - Posted by ELENI KOSTOPOULOU, 06.09.2016

  • France got the quality label!


    - Posted by Valerie Vergely, 01.09.2016

  • Living Newspaper presents an eTwinning teams investigation in the stunning video Are women in Europe discriminated!!!

    Are women in Europe discriminated 1.JPG

    Are womenin Europe discriminate 2.JPG

    Simone de Beauvoir.JPG

    Discrimination in sport.JPG


    - Posted by Jasna Šojer, 06.06.2016