Toys on tour.

In this project students send their partner schools mascots via traditional post. When the mascots arrive at their destination countries, they begin the tour: students take it home for a day or weekend, spend the whole time with the toy and later create a presentation about their time together. The presenations demand taking a lot of pictures or m...

Project Journal

  • Happy school year 2016/2017!
    - Posted by Jolana Madigárová Kubišová, 05.10.2016

  • wonderfull photo!!
    - Posted by Evi Pappa, 23.06.2016

  • Slovak pupils are answering a challenge thanks to Paulínka!
    Here, you can see Ofelia wearing a Slovak national costume!
    It was a little bit big so Paulínka (also wearing a Slovak national costume on the photo) had to tailor it. The girls are nice, aren´t they?




    - Posted by Jolana Madigárová Kubišová, 22.06.2016

  • - Posted by Eleni Ifanti, 17.06.2016

  • Lion Messi meets Lara from Spain!

    - Posted by Amanda Bello, 16.06.2016