Activities in France

  • FRANCE 2, the french television, made a documentary about our project:



    The french pupils wrote to their penpals:

    To prepare the trip to Florence, french pupils had italian lessons

    from a second grade teacher.


    They also prepared a travel diary.

    1) Fiche introduction Italie Toscane HDA.pdf


    Award of the Euroscol label


    Les actions européennes dans l'Académie


    Now it's time to prepare our trip to Bulgaria...

    Fiche de présentation du voyage en Bulgarie.pdf

    We had a webmeeting with the italians pupils and a bulgarian teacher to learn how to count to ten.

    LEARNING SESSION IN FRANCE (30/05 - 03/06/2022)

    Painting the nympheas



    Origamis and puzzles

    Orienteering race




    Writing activity