Learning from our Past to Build a Common Future

We are Secondary Schools from Lithuania, Romania, Italy, Greece, Slovenia and Spain, symbolizing cultures from the four cardinal points. In spite of those ‘apparent’ differences, we have a common reality: the amount of different peoples and cultures who have come to us and who will stay for good. Our schools are ‘melting pots’ of students from all over the world. Therefore facing very similar situations related to integration in an environment alien to the newcomers and which, in many cases, brings about social exclusion, school absenteeism, early school living and other social problems. To avoid that, to learn to live together we have chosen these priorities from our NAs: fighting against early school leaving and situations of disadvantage, promoting social inclusion and the idea of European citizenship. Under these premises we have decided to start a K229 project to be developed along 24 months. We are connecting this European programme to others already existing in our schools.

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