A VISION SHARED - Promoting UN Sustainable Development Goals in and beyond School


This project is associated to an Erasmus Plus project. It intends to show and disseminate the setting up, development, results and goals of a K229 partnership. The project is called A VISION SHARED, and aims at achieving some of the UN sustainable development goals in 5 European countries, each from its context and through different channels and methods.Providing it with an e Twinning dimension was planned in the application form and implemented in the first project meeting (Augsburg 2019). Teachers and students will interact, work together, create transnational links and eventually and hopefully, make friends. Schools and Sustainable development goals: MARIA THERESIA GYMNASIUM AUGSBURG: 11, 17 IES ALJADA MURCIA: 12.13 LICEO MAJORANA LATERZA, PUTIGNANO: 12. 3 FOWEY RIVER ACADEMY, CORNWALL: 14, 6 LYCEE FRANCOIS D ESTAING, RODEZ: 4

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