The Scratch Project

For students starting their programming adventure in Scratch. The project aims to develop in children the skills of analytical and creative thinking.

Project Journal

  • Great Erkan and Gabriela !! I can't wait to share it with my students this week !!
    - Posted by GEORGIA LASCARIS, 29.05.2016

  • Hello everyone. We finished our month projects thats about Foods and Child Games. Enjoy at Collaborative Students Project Page please... Thank you Gabriela for the topic..
    - Posted by Erkan Mert, 26.05.2016

  • Hello, our two projects from calendar (april, march) are ready... see the Cooperative page
    - Posted by Gabriela Kövesiová, 25.05.2016

  • Celebrating Diversity & Europe Day
    "eTwinning is 11"

    - Posted by Erkan Mert, 10.05.2016

  • Hello , again partners . The collabortaive page (Month Calendar) proposed by Gabriela Kövesiová is ready. You can find it under the Collaborative Student Project page. Feel free to complete it :-) as well as the other collaborative pages . We are running low on time !!
    - Posted by GEORGIA LASCARIS, 19.04.2016