Waltesquita Beverages : One fits all? Introducing soft drinks onto the Portuguese and German market


WALTESQUITA BEVERAGES is a marketing project developed by the German Walter-Eucken- Berufskolleg located in Düsseldorf and the Portuguese secondary school Agrupamento de Escolas Marcelino Mesquita do Cartxon near Lisbon. The two-year project revolves around the development of a non-alcoholic beverage and its introduction onto the German and Portuguese market. At the beginning of the project the students take on the roles of young entrepreneurs in the beverage sector who want to launch a soft drink which they think will be successful with both German and Portuguese teenagers. In a first step they will learn about key aspects of entrepreneurship and marketing basics. During a first short term exchange the students will deepen their knowledge of marketing and market research tools and hold presentations on e.g. 4/8Ps, the 4Cs/As/Os. They will then create a market research brief in bi-national groups and take a decision as to what specific beverage can be expected to be successful on both

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