A Farewell video...just to remember! I hope you like it.

    Love from Portugal

    Hello friends!

    We are IES de Covadonga High School. We are in Asturias, in the north of Spain

    Click here to have a look at our website.

    This is the logo of our school, and a couple of photographs. 


    Olhao is on the south coast of Portugal.

    This is an image of the entrance to the school EB 2/3 Dr. Alberto Iría

    This is a landmark in Olhao: its traditional market.

    Pleased to meet you, mates!  



    7th Grade Portuguese Class

    8th Grade Portuguese Class

    Hi everyone!  ICS di Chiuduno here... 

    Chiuduno is in the north of Italy, 60 Km away from Milan and it has about 6,000 inhabitants.

    Hello from Poland!

    We are a group of energetic and open-minded teenagers from Poland. We come from a small town in the south of Poland - Piekary Śląskie. We go to a junior high school called Miejskie Gimnazjum nr 2. You can read about our school at http://mg2.cba.pl/. 

    Our School

    Our town is located in an industrial region of southern Poland known for its mining traditions. There is also a religous site - Basilica, a place of many pilgrimages of Roman Catholics.

    Hello! Here is Gymnazium of Ladislav Novomesky, in Senice, Slovakia. We are a small school with 460 students.