The project will consist in developing cooperative work in the class of art. We intend to develop critical thinking on our students through the development of the art lessons. They will work in cooperation to practice the different art techniques used by the famous painters, such as, cubism, pointilism, impresionism, abstract art, classic art, phot...

Project Journal

  • the students got them home as a nice souvenir of this collaboration,besides the rest of materials!!!


    - Posted by JOANA AINA POL, 25.07.2016

  • our postcards arrived too on time!!! Not like this post!!! ;-)
    thank you friends from Greece. Have a wonderful summer!!!


    - Posted by JOANA AINA POL, 25.07.2016

  • Our dotted postcards are on their way to Mallorca!!!!!!


    - Posted by Maria Tsiamtsiouri, 24.05.2016

  • Dots everywhere!!!!!
    We have started working on the spring murals. Let's see what will be the result of our cooperation!
    - Posted by Maria Tsiamtsiouri, 13.05.2016

  • Dear all!!! Pontilism is ready!!! there's already a link in which you can start collaborating with the mural.
    Enjoy dotting!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOO
    - Posted by JOANA AINA POL, 09.05.2016