VIEE Very important European Events

Very important European Events is a project of collaborative work among students of Italy and Greece. In this project students will be involved in very famous monthly events in Europe. It will help them to know and exchange important dates such as geographical discoveries, historical events, traditional festivals, famous writers, painters, sportsm...

Project Journal

  • European Quality Label for Ioannina team, Greece.


    - Posted by Σταματία (Stamatia) Σταμάτη (Stamati), 06.12.2016

  • Our European Quality Label!


    - Posted by Eugenia Adamopoulou, 23.11.2016

  • National quality label Castelli Calepio team


    - Posted by Cinzia Fiorentini, 09.10.2016

  • National Quality Label, Ioannina team.

    - Posted by Σταματία (Stamatia) Σταμάτη (Stamati), 09.10.2016

  • National Quality label, Egaleo team!!!

    quality label1.png

    - Posted by Eugenia Adamopoulou, 09.10.2016