Opening meeting national teams (teachers)

    1. Introducing teachers coordinators
    2. Our netiquette/Safety/GDPR
    3. Student criteria
    4. Information campaign, recruitment. 
      Individual partners prepare an information campaign and a recruitment process for pupils, parents and teachers. Pupils who will be interested to take part in the project shall write a cover letter in which they justify their reasons and motivation to participate.
    5. Creating motivational - informational video

    Working on our eTwinning project and online in the safe encvironment of eTwinning Twinspace - our objectives are:

    • To create a common agreement to respect
    • To respect internet netiquette
    • To become a good citizen

    We are going to work on the twinspace to communicate and collaborate with your European partners from Italy, Greece, Azores islands, Canary islands, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

    Have a look at the definition of the "Netiquette" in these 6 languages --> here in English --> here in Bulgarian --> here in Greek --> here in Italian --> here in Portuguese --> here in Slovak --> here in Spanish 

    According to you which rules we should follow in order to make our project work succesfully.