Smiling is one of the best ways to keep a positive outlook in life. From the Smile, we work how to: recognize one's own and other people's emotions. discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately. use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior. We are also going to learn about the benefits of smiling and the import...

Project Journal

  • A social worker and me (physical education teacher) have developed a social intervention through the risotherapy in the fifth courses of primary education in the school San Jose Obrero. The memory of the project is attached in this post.

    Memoria Intervención Social.pdf

    - Posted by David Muñoz Villaraviz, 28.06.2016

  • En la clase de 3ºB hemos trabajado la actitud optimista ante los problemas con esta versión de Bob Marley.

    - Posted by Pablo Altolagirre, 06.06.2016

  • Smile Song CEIP San José Obrero (Spain)

    - Posted by David Muñoz Villaraviz, 30.05.2016

  • Hemos aprendido en estos meses que con una sonrisa todo es más fácil.
    Sigamos sonriendo !!


    SMILE. jpg

    SMILE. jpg

    SMILE. jpg

    - Posted by ISABEL CONTRERAS, 09.05.2016

  • Puerta jefatura de estudios

    jefe de est..JPG

    - Posted by David Muñoz Villaraviz, 21.04.2016