Lighthouses: lighting the way for a bright future

First of all children will share information about themselves and their school, then they will prepare a document about the lighthouses they live nearby. With all this documents they will make a common ebook and/or presentation. They will make a plurilingual dictionary based on a common picture. Children will also share stories, poems and songs a...

Project Journal

  • We came to an end. It's been a very good project in my opinion; my children liked it a lot and I'm very glad to have worked with you all.
    - Posted by Gabriella Livio, 28.06.2016

  • Italian and Spanish children met on line yesterday for the summer greetings.
    It was very nice to hear the Spanish children sing in italian.
    We hope to see them again next year :-)
    - Posted by Gabriella Livio, 08.06.2016

  • Here you can see some pictures of our lighthouses exibition

    lighthouses exibition.jpg

    - Posted by Gabriella Livio, 02.06.2016

  • A meeting before the end of the project.....good moments to remember....arrangements for a next one before school year comes to an end....


    - Posted by Angeliki Kougiourouki, 24.05.2016

  • Italian pupils published a school magazine about the project. It's in Italian but you can see the pictures and maybe play the games in English.
    click on the link to see it

    - Posted by Gabriella Livio, 22.05.2016