FOR Finding Our Roots

Finding Our Roots is an Erasmus + project that intends to apply innovative CLIL method to multilingual learning-teaching system in upper secondary education, with the regard to develop academic language skills related to the classical roots of Botany vocabulary, mythology, and social language abilities in English.

Project Journal

  • On 18th January, 2018 the project has been presented and explained an an experience in The Erasmus course organized by the Basque responsables of European projects in collaboration with the National Agency.


    erasmus Bilbao.pdf

    - Posted by Karmele López de Abetxuko, 20.01.2018

  • On 12th January, 2018, an article about the quality seals obtained by the project has published in Geuria newspaper.


    - Posted by Karmele López de Abetxuko, 20.01.2018

  • We also got the National and European Quality Labels. Well done everybody!
    - Posted by ΠΑΝΑΓΙΩΤΗΣ ΣΕΡΑΝΗΣ, 28.10.2017

  • Today, we got two European Quality Seals. We are very excited!!!



    - Posted by María Jesús Ramírez, 25.10.2017

  • I have just got the Quality Seal of FOR project!


    - Posted by Karmele López de Abetxuko, 13.10.2017