ORIONS - Observational Research Impact on Natural Sciences

Coordinated by the Spoleczne Gimnazjum, 6 schools from Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, France (Reunion) and Sweden aim to improve students’ skills: reading, writing, calculating & science and technology abilities. Started in 2015, the project deals with astronomy and integrates maths & physics learning through language education and ICT.

Project Journal

  • Due to bugs on the twinspace, Reunion Island publishes the results & outcomes of the project on the school website : https://portail.lyc-leverger.ac-reunion.fr/wordpress/orions/

    - Posted by LAURENCE LEVESQUE, 29.06.2017

  • 1(th-19th May 2017 Polish meeting in Swidnica
    - Posted by LAURENCE LEVESQUE, 19.06.2017

  • 23rd of March : Festival of Maths Games & Rebuses in Reunion Island : Games, Puzzles and an exhibition about Great Female Mathematicians from our 6 countries. Twinspace is not working properly, pictures are available on our school website :
    - Posted by LAURENCE LEVESQUE, 27.03.2017

  • On 21st March polish students(Iza, Zuza, Mila,Liwia, Michal i Adrian) had meeting with their colleagues. They shared their impressions and talked about the benefits they had received at the Kiruna meeting.
    - Posted by Hanna Turek, 21.03.2017

  • 16th Feb-9th March : Reunionese students are preparing the festival of Math games & rebuses : posters about great female mathematicians from each of our countries, preparation of visits from schools from the surroundings of LycĂ©e Le Verger, Math games
    - Posted by LAURENCE LEVESQUE, 10.03.2017